If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway…

We decided to change our pricing (for new customers only – it won’t affect you if you are already a customer) tiers from $29.95/$39.95/$49.95/etc. to $30/$40/$50/etc. Here’s the story behind the decision…

I was flying home from Boulder last week, thinking about our business. I was thinking about how we enjoy taking the road less traveled. How we like to do things our way, not the way you are supposed to do them. And how we’re trying to be very honest, straightforward and transparent about Schedulefly.

Suddenly it occurred to me that our pricing had to change. While it had worked great for five years (meaning it wasn’t broken), it was the manifestation of not only a retail model, and it’s the same formula everybody else uses.

The question I kept asking myself was, “Why did it need to be $29.95/month? Why not $30?”

The former works great in a retail environment for impulse buys. Apple prices songs at $0.99 and not $1.00 for a reason. We’re all more likely to buy at $0.99. Period. It’s been proven time and again, and it’s the reason most retail prices end with “9”s.

But we’re not here to sell quick impulse purchases. Rather, we’re here to provide a long term solution to help restaurants run smoother. To make life easier for years and years for restaurant owners, managers and staff members. We don’t sell trinkets at the check out line. We sell a tool people will use every day. And being that we provide a free trial to enable restaurants to make sure they love Schedulefly before they subscribe, there is simply no reason to use that impulse-based pricing model.

But still, it wasn’t broken. Nobody was complaining about it. Nobody said anything about it. So why fix it? Did it really matter that much? At first we thought, “Heck, the above stuff is true, but it’s no big deal, right? It’s fine. Let’s just leave it and move on.” And then we slept on it, and remembered that even when things aren’t broken, sometimes they need to be fixed.

You see, we want people to have a different experience when they come to Schedulefly. We don’t want it to be the same ole’ stuff. Same ole’ tag lines. Same ole’ About Us page. Same ole’ pricing. Every page on our site should be memorable. Straightforward. Honest. Unique. A breath of fresh air.

Ultimately, we want people to smile with every interaction they have with us. We give them that with our simple app. With our excellent service. With how we present ourselves elsewhere on our site and on our blog. So we decided we should give them that with our pricing as well.

If you have any thoughts on this you’d like to share, I would enjoy hearing from you. I’m at wbrawley [at] schedulefly [dot] com.