The Noise

The Noise is everywhere these days. Emails. Texts. Facebook. Twitter. 500 TV channels. 1,000s of magazines.

It hits you everywhere you turn, doesn’t it? Like a weary boxer, you tire from all of the blows. You can barely defend yourself any longer. It overwhelms you. It’s just too much.

The Noise is especially strong in emails. It comes at you with a series of jabs. Never a big right hook. Just jabs.

Jab jab..
Jab jab jab…
Jab jab…

Today I decided to start fighting back. I unsubscribed from probably 15 different emails. I don’t even know how I got signed up for all of them. I bought something at REI, they got my email address, and … jab, jab, jab, they hit me weekly. Facebook constantly emails me to remind me that I haven’t logged in for a while (yep, it’s been about a year) but, nevertheless … jab, jab, jab, they hit me almost daily. And so on.

So I sat down and started hitting “Unsubscribe” this morning. Unsubscribe (jab). Unsubscribe (jab). Unsubscribe. (jab jab). And with each jab, The Noise gets a little weaker, a little less intimidating. And you start to realize you can win.

Eventually, The Noise starts to dissipate from your email inbox. Make no mistake, it will not give up. It will re-group and it will keep hitting away. But today I landed a few jabs. And life already seems just a little easier.

We don’t ever want Schedulefly to be a part of The Noise. That’s what everybody else does. “Buy now!” “Save today”! “50% off!!!” “Lose weight!” “Gain muscle!” “Reduce stress!” “Look cool!” “Don’t miss out!” “Today only!” Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Just leave me alone!!!

We try very hard not to create noise. We don’t run email marketing campaigns. We don’t email customers about product updates (we can do that in the Alert Center in the app). And while it’s nice to see lots of people subscribing to our blog post emails, I hope if the posts aren’t adding value to you in some way, that you will unsubscribe. The last thing we ever want to do is be a part of The Noise.


P.s. Any time you’d like to shoot me your thoughts on anything I post, hit me at wbrawley [at] Schedulefly [dot] com. I of course view your comments or questions as anything but noise!!!