Why there is such a thing as a free lunch…

I recently posted about why Joe’s Real BBQ gives away over 6,000 meals in a single day. One day per year. With no strings attached.

Here’s the audio of a conversation I had last week with Tad Peelen, co-owner of Joe’s Real BBQ and Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, AZ. We discussed the free meals as well as other unconventional yet successful marketing strategies his restaurants have used. If you like learning how other restaurants are using non-traditional marketing to achieve results, spend 15 minutes listening to this…


If you are doing something unique or unconventional at your restaurant and it’s working brilliantly, I’d love to record a 10-15 minute podcast with your owner and stick it up on our blog. Lemme know. I’m at wbrawley [at] schedulefly [dot] com.


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