Why work doesn’t happen at work

Today was a good day at work. I got a bunch of really great stuff done. I worked today on the bed in the guest room in our house. I had actually planned to work in the dining room but realized that the 15mo old boy tugging on my pant leg and the 4yr old boy playing a plastic trombone was making it tough to focus. So I ran upstairs with the laptop and found myself in the guest room for 1/2 the day and cranked it out. I wrote some code and even launched some new code to our data center and all of our 1,700+ customers at once – while on the bed – in our guest room. Today was not an unusual day. In fact, it was a typical day for me and the last 4 years have seen many like it. Without having to get dressed and go to an office where the distractions start in the parking lot on the way in – I flat out get meaningful things done. I love it. I love the lonely, quiet, meeting-less productive work days and I will never go back. I get too much done now and have too much good quality time to think to ever go back to the conventional business environment.

So anyway – today made me think of this talk that Jason Fried (37signals) gave at TEDx Midwest a few years ago. It’s really great – and thought provoking too – so I thought I would share. Enjoy!


p.s Have you been in the guest room (or spare bedroom) in your house lately? Try it! Do a little work. Take a nap in it. It’s like being in a hotel or something.