Here’s the kind of stuff Wes and I email to each other…

Yesterday morning I sat down with my first cup of coffee and checked the new trial requests that had come in overnight. I noticed one from a restaurant in Charleston, SC. Charleston is home to some of the best food and the coolest independent restaurants in the country, yet we have a relatively small presence there. A few restaurants use Schedulefly, but not nearly enough when you consider how many great places call Charleston home. But the pace has picked up lately. For some reason, a few more than normal are signing up for free trials.

It’s interesting to watch our growth in various cities. As you can see on this image in Wes’s recent post, we have a lot of customers in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Raleigh. We’ve done nothing to promote that growth other than to follow this strategy, so we never really know when or where Schedulefly will begin to take off. However, once a few of the most well known, popular restaurants in a city become customers, many others tend to follow.

With the resent activity in Charleston comes anticipation that we may start to serve some of our favorite restaurants. You see, Wes and I like spending time in Charleston with our families and enjoying the many incredible indie restaurants that line the city’s streets. We both love it there and look forward to “Charleston” being very prominent in the above-referenced image.

There is one particular restaurant we would be absolutely stoked to serve. Great food, great service, cool vibe … you name it, this place has it. It’s like an indie restaurant perfected. So when I saw another Charleston trial sign up today, I sent Wes the below email. (I won’t name the restaurant or the owner to avoid jinxing ourselves, so I changed the owner’s name to “Jean” for this post.)

“Jean is hearing about something new around him. Right now it’s nothing more than whispers. The thing servers speak of out back during smoking breaks. They talk of easier lives and dream of simplicity. But the story they tell is so fragile that it vanishes with their Marlboro plumes.

Aye, Jean currently has no idea that before long those whispers will turn to the battlecry of every restaurant staffer in the Low Country, and he’ll be leading the charge.”

I know. I know. It’s a silly email. But I like opening the curtain all of the way sometimes, and this is a real example if the kind of stuff Wes and I send each other. Part joke. Part serious. All in fun. But with honest hopes and humble confidence that the Charleston restaurant scene will soon be filled with Schedulefly chatter.


P.s. The “Low Country” is what the beautiful low lying land in and around Charleston is known as. If you’ve never been to the Low Country, go. You won’t regret it. In fact by your second day there you’ll probably start trying to figure out how to move there.