How Disney gets it right

I woke up slowly this morning, groggy. The sunlight burned through my window as I stood wearily and peered hopefully outside. My eyes cautiously adjusted from the haze and as they focused on the surrounding terrain, I whispered…”Disney. Shit. I’m still only in Disney.”

(Quick aside – email me at wbrawley at Schedulefly dot com if you know what movie I stole that scene from – I’ll mail the first three people with the right answer a Schedulefly t-shirt or a packet of Schedulefly vinyl coasters – your choice)

Anyway, I’m with my family in Disney for eight or nine days. Or maybe it’s ten. I just know it’s a lot of days – I’ve lost count.

But all jokes aside, Disney absolutely nails it with customer service. Yep, we’re paying through the nose to be here. But, yep, they make the experience so awesome that you forget how much money you’re spending and spend your entire visit with a smile.

Sure, the accommodations are nice. Yes, the food is good. But where they crush it is with service. Every single Disney staffer we come across smiles and makes eye contact and asks if we are having fun, asks what they can do to help. It’s nuts. Even the folks cleaning the streets in the Magic Kingdom are jovial and helpful. They wink at the kids. Or smile and stop sweeping when somebody walks by. And so on.

I don’t know how they do it. I don’t how they literally train thousands and thousands of employees to be so good at service. But they do. And it works. Because even though taking three kids to Disney for so many days is one of the more exhausting ways you can spend your spring break, Disney nails the experience so well that I’m positive we’ll be back.


P.s. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on how Universal Adventure Park here in Orlando gets it wrong (teaser: I’ll tell the story of our 2:50 minute wait in line for a ride that was supposed to have a 70 min wait)