Make life easier

I love reading the comments people leave when they sign up for free Schedulelfly trials. We ask this question: “What do you hope Schedulefly will do for you and your staff?”

Most people simply write “Make life easier.” That’s it. It’s really that simple. They just want Schedulefly to take away the headaches and hassles and pain involved with scheduling and communication and make life a little bit easier. There’s just not much more to it.

We of course see all kinds of comments, and these are a few of the other common ones…

“Make scheduling easy”
“Improve communication”

But of course all of these are subsets of the overall goal of just making life easier. And that’s what we’re here to do. Life is so rushed and busy and hectic these days. It’s unfortunate. But it’s true. And because of that, you don’t have to dream up a once-in-a-lifetime invention to make people’s lives easier.

Rather, if you can resolve a simple, recurring frustration that you face at home or in business, and if you can do it in a simple way, you have the opportunity to make life easier for tons of other people.

Just keep the solution simple. Be very responsive. Don’t over-promise. And be easy to do business with.

Do these things and people will be happy to pay you a fair amount every month for your solution. In fact, not only will they pay you every month, they’ll proactively tell lots of other people about your solution, and some will even send you videos like these.