Restaurant Owners Uncorked Video Series Launches!

We’re so damn fired up to kick off the first episode of the Restaurant Owners Uncorked video series. This is the first of five videos featuring Dave Query, Owner of Big Red F Restaurant Group in Boulder, CO.

Dave has been involved with the restaurant business since he started cooking hot dogs at Mustard’s Last Stand in Boulder when he was 14 years old. Through culinary school to working in restaurants all over the world to launching a 6-concept restaurant group that has become one of the most successful groups in the country, Dave has learned quite a few lessons along the way. He was kind enough to share some wisdom, and (thankfully) we were smart enough to film it!

In this (3-minute) episode, Dave discusses egos, transparency, and remembering that the customer is always king.

If you liked this video, stay tuned. More are on the way soon…


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