ROU video series: Competition, gut checks, and no lemon wedges out back

In the second of five videos we’re producing from our interview with Dave Query of Big Red F Restaurant Group, Dave discusses why stiff competition is good for business, the importance of daily gut checks, and why it’s important to pay attention to even the smallest of details (like the lemon slices in your back alley).

We’re so proud of these videos. They capture Dave’s rare mix of business savvy and street smarts, and offer a glimpse into the mind of a man who has been successful in the tough restaurant business for over 30 years. If you know anybody who is in the business or wants to get into it, please share the link to the Restaurant Owners Uncorked Video Series:


P.s. I’d love to know your thoughts or feedback or questions about this vid or about the Restaurant Owners Uncorked video series. Wbrawley at Schedulefly dot com.