Any chance you get, thank your customers for their business.

Yesterday I picked up our chocolate lab (River…in pic on right) from the vet – he had spent 3 days there while my family was out of town. It’s a great facility with wonderful vets – they really take great care of the animals there. However, something I noticed when I picked River up yesterday was that the employee checking me out (who had a lab coat on…so likely a vet) dropped the ball on service. Bad. And it’s so simple not to. Really simple. After I paid the $205 for his visit and some heartworm meds, she handed me my receipt and went about her business almost as if she had so much more to do. Ironically it was 5 minutes before they closed, no one one standing behind me…the place was empty. I smiled and said “thank you” and she walked away – no comment. She actually didn’t even smile….but where she really dropped the ball was she did not thank me for my business. Come on. You just have to thank people for doing business with you. You just have to. Today, more than ever, a good product is not enough. Customers need to feel like you appreciate that they spend their hard earned money with you. I guess maybe it would have been one thing if I had bought a $3 dog treat and was clearly never coming back – but we’ve left River with them 3 other times – and we always spend over $100 each time. I’d venture to say that they would miss our business if we went elsewhere.

The owner of this vet business would probably be upset that his/her staff is ringing up repeat customers and sending them on their way without thanking them for their business (especially when they had a perfect opportunity to do so).

Come on people, thank your paying customers for their business!!