Getting old is cool

Assuming you’re healthy and happy – getting old is cool. For a bunch of reasons actually – personally and professionally. One of the best things about it is that you learn (and become OK with) the fact that most people don’t communicate the same as you do. Most people don’t react the same way you do about stuff and don’t see things the same way you do. And that’s OK. When you’re younger – and just getting started on a project of some kind – it’s easy to assume everyone will think like you do and want the same results and react the same along the way. You think that everyone your working with or doing work for will get excited at the same things or get frustrated at the same things. But they don’t. Rarely will you meet someone that does.

So as you get older, you’re around more people and your feelings seem to get hurt less when people don’t respond they way you thought they might or when people say things or do things you were not expecting. And, maybe most importantly, you become confident in the fact that you will never ever please everyone – even those that seem like perfect candidates for being pleased. One person will love what you do – while another one hates it. It’s just the way it is and it takes time and experience dealing with it – to realize it. Some young people have a gift of realizing this early – I was definitely not one of them.

I think this is why older people just don’t care anymore about stuff they can’t control (or that does not matter) and seem much more content. They smile a lot, they only spend time with people they like, they are in less of a hurry, and not much seems to bother them anymore. It looks awesome.

Bring on the golden years!