Why use a fly rod when a net gets it done?

I love this quote from famous fly fisherman and fly fishing author John Gierach.....“If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads, you're doing something wrong."From the reactions I often get from people after I tell them about having such a narrow focus with our business – I’ve decided I seem weird -... Continue Reading →

"Going viral" is not the objective…

Building something because you believe it will "go viral" is like going to Vegas because you think you can turn $50 into $1,000,000. Sure, it might happen, but the odds are infinitesimally small. Yet still, millions of people are working right now on a software, or an app, or a marketing campaign, or a product... Continue Reading →

Pics from our vid shoot at The Meatball Shop…

Last week we filmed the third interview for our Restaurant Owners Uncorked video series at The Meatball Shop in NYC. I don't even know where to start with how amazing everything about The Meatball Shop is. First of all, we visited all three locations, and everybody we interacted with was incredibly friendly and helpful. Every.... Continue Reading →

Scratch your own itch: Chris Sommers

Just as Wes had the idea for Schedulefly from his experience creating schedules in restaurants, the ideas for most businesses come from people who have problems, or "itches," and want to find a way to scratch them. Chris Sommers, owner of Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis, MO and Washington, D.C., recently decided to scratch his... Continue Reading →

The basics are always useful

I’ve noticed something over the last 4 years as a Dad of 2 young boys - related to their toys - and I think it’s helping me with our business. And that’s this: The simpler the toy, the more it gets used. Period. Things like basic building blocks get used nearly every day. Play kitchens... Continue Reading →

Why we don’t exhibit at trade shows…

There are tons of people from tons (literally, I'm talking about thousands) of companies that sell to restaurants heading to Chicago today. They'll spend the day setting up their booths at the National Restaurant Association trade show, and they'll spend the next few days working very hard to convince restaurant people to buy their stuff,... Continue Reading →

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