One of Schedulefly’s role models is my daughter’s second grade teacher…

My daughter just finished 2nd grade. She had an absolutely amazing teacher who has been teaching for 37 years. Mrs. Owen.

As you might imagine, it was a special year because Mrs. Owen is the best at what she does. After all those years, she knows exactly what second graders need. She knows how to teach them. How to manage them. How to love them. If you could create the perfect second grade teacher, it would be Mrs. Owen. Period.

It occurred to me that Schedulefly is similar to Mrs. Owen in several ways, and she is a great role model for us. Like her, we have a laser focus. She focuses on second graders, we focus on independent restaurants. She wants to be the best at teaching second grade, just as we want to be the best at serving indie restaurants.

Also, Mrs. Owen doesn’t try to grow with our students. She doesn’t try to learn to teach third grade, then fourth grade, and so on so that she can follow her students all the way through their growth. She knows she would never be the best at teaching those grades, and that’s not where her heart is. She’d always be trying to catch up, always trying to add to her teaching repertoire, and so on. Rather, she waves goodbye and wishes them well and waits for the next round of second graders to come through. When they do, she welcomes them with a smile. And knows she’s doing exactly what she was meant to do.

Likewise, we don’t try to grow with our customers. Every now and then we have a customer that has grown to the point of needing more complex systems versus a simple scheduling and communication app. They need some feature or integration that we don’t provide, and they grow into solutions from other companies. We don’t try to make our app more complex to try to keep up, and get into things we would have to learn, or that we aren’t the best at. That’s not where out heart is. Rather, we wave goodbye and wish them well and wait for the next new, independent restaurant to open its doors for the first time and sign up for a Schedulefly trial. When they do, we’ll welcome them with a smile. And know we’re doing exactly what we were meant to do.


P.s. Last week we hit a cool milestone of 2,000 customers. We’re so thankful to serve all of you, and can’t thank you enough for your business!