What do restaurants think we do?

When restaurants sign up for our free trial, we ask them what they hope Schedulefly will do for their team. It might seem like a silly question to some who signup – but most people actually do answer the question. We like asking because we are curious. It gives us a good idea right off the bat if we are going to be a good fit for them. And maybe more importantly we can use their comments to determine if our message on our website is clear. Is it clear what we say we are doing for our customers? It needs to be gin clear. Do they think we do something that we don’t? Occasionally (not often) they may say they hope we do “x” – and we don’t. So it gives us an opportunity to save all of us some time by encouraging them to keep looking around and also gives us an option to further sharpen our message to people who come to our website for the first time. We want the right people to use our software – period. We want them to be happy with our software and feel like it fits the bill. This, of course, not only helps them, but it also saves us time and helps strengthen our brand name in the industry.

Anyway…today I thought I’d input the comments that have been left just in the last few week’s trial signups into wordle so the commonly used words would appear bigger. I literally copied and pasted the comments into worldle and it created this….

It’s cool to look at it this way…I feel like we are on track with our message.