Life without the social web ain’t too shabby

I read a really great quote the other day that said Facebook is essentially a collection of all your friends that you would not normally call, email or text. I laughed out loud when I read that because it’s true if you think about it. I used to use Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin and others but realized over time that the events and things that were important to me (like cool photos or family news or invites to stuff etc.) and to my business (like questions from customers and prospects) were still going to find me like just like they always had – but in a more personal way – like a phone call or an email or maybe even a knock on my front door. And the things I wanted to share with others could still be shared with them in a hand-picked more personal way – versus updating a list of subscribing people consisting of a girl in my 3rd grade class, the realtor who sold me a house in 2001 and dozens people I don’t really know or have not spoken to in 10-20 years.

So after I unplugging myself from social media sites (except for instagram which I like for turning normal photos into beautiful ones)– the good quality important stuff still finds me – but all the other noise does not. The ratio of stuff I truly needed to know about versus stuff I did not shot through the roof. My mom calls me, my close fishing buddies text me photos and I get emails addressed to me about articles I might like, events I might need to know about or heck – or you name it – all kinds of stuff hand picked for me that is actually valuable. I like it to running a marathon and having a few people stand and hold out water and energy bars for you at just the right moment so you can keep running vs people throwing donuts and beer at you every 10 paces that eventually cause you to slow down and eventually stop.

Oh, and unplugging our business from Facebook and Twitter has had nothing but wonderful results too. I have gobs more free time. Idle time to just sit and think of things we can do to be less like everyone else. And whaddayaknow….restaurants sill hear about Schedulefly every single day – from other restaurants and from our book and our videos and from search engines and they sign up to check us out. We are growing and we have no sales team, or marketing team or any social media presence at all. Huh?

I just though I’d share that – because most people or businesses would recommend the opposite.