Schedulefly is like a boat…

When I think of Schedulefly, I often think of it as a boat.

Imagine an ocean full of people treading water. Everywhere you look, people are bobbing up and down, arms and legs working hard. Some have been doing it for many years, some just jumped in recently.

They are all tired, and one by one, they are looking for a boat to board. They look around and see several vessels floating nearby, and the people that swim to ours are the people who want a boat that is easy to board.

A boat that lets them climb on for free and hang out a while to make sure they like it, with helpful, friendly people available to assist if needed, but who never pressure them to stay.

A boat that enables them to pay a consistent recurring payment if they decide to hang out a while, but that doesn’t require them to agree to stay for a defined period of time, and that makes it pain-free and requires no fee to jump off if their needs change for any reason.

A boat that is very welcoming, that is simple and clean, but that is also clearly very sturdy and won’t sink. One that isn’t full of rules and regulations, but rather gives them flexibilty and lets them enjoy themselves while they are on board.

A boat that brings them a cold drink or a hot meal if they need it, but doesn’t try to force them into buying more stuff.

A boat manned by people who are genuinely interested in their guests and their stories. One that is large enough to hold tons of people, but that still attends to the needs everybody on board quickly and with a smile.

Finally, a boat that is so fun and makes life so much better that they begin standing by the rails waving in other people like them, telling them how great the boat is and why they love being on it, and why they are so glad to never have to tread water again.

It’s fun and rewarding and exciting to be on the crew of our Schedulefly “boat.” If you are already a passenger, thank you so much. We trust you are enjoying the ride, and we look forward to taking you as far as you need to go. If you are still treading water…well, all I can say is I recommend you speak to a few passengers, and we’d be happy to have you jump on board for a bit to see if you like the ride.