It’s not so different

I spend most of my free time fly fishing here on the NC coast. Fly fishing for saltwater fish is difficult, at best. It’s more like hunting. You typically see the very fish your going to try and catch before you cast - more like deer or turkey hunting. It’s done in very shallow water... Continue Reading →

5 great reasons to NOT raise money

I have never owned a company that has taken outside investment, so I share these kind of one-sided tips without knowledge of both sides....but I have worked for a business that was acquired. That acquisition was really just a large investment from an outside company that I bet had one simple phrase written on their... Continue Reading →

AWESOME new Sfly "commercial"…

When we were interviewing Michael Chernow from The Meatball Shop in Brooklyn for our Restaurant Owners Uncorked video series, he brought up Schedulefly. We loved what he said, so we made a short commercial from it to display on our site. Check it out...

Testimonial of the year so far

A customer (we've had for 2 years) emailed this today and I’ve been sitting here in my kitchen working and wondering where on our website I should stick figured I’d share it here on our blog first.I refuse to work as a manager in another restaurant that doesn't use it! My staff and I... Continue Reading →

"It’s not the critic who counts"

I thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics. It's always personally and professionally inspiring to watch people who've put the heart and soul into something for many years. Whether they win or not, they've worked their tails off and I tip my hat to all of them.A few days ago I saw Lolo Jones cry when being interviewed... Continue Reading →

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