"I have no idea if Schedulefly is right for your restaurant."

A lady called this morning to ask about our restaurant staff scheduling and communication app. I answered a few questions about features and then told her, “I don’t know if Schedulefly will be the right fit for your restaurant. I don’t want to sell you on it. Rather, I recommend you use the free trial and decide for yourself. You know your culture and your team and how your restaurant runs. You’ll either love Schedulefly or you won’t. You’ll get zero sales pressure. Just let us know if you need anything along the way and we’ll gladly help.”

By the way, she works at one of the best and most well known restaurants in the U.S. I would LOVE to have them become a customer. But the bottom line is, I know that Schedulefly either will or will not work for her restaurant, and I am 100% confident that our app and our customer support are so awesome that unless that restaurant just isn’t the right fit for Schedulefly, there’s nothing else I needed to say to her. (We prefer to rely on stars and chemistry for this kind of thing.)

I’ll post an update if they become a customer…