Who do you want to do business with?

The kind of stuff Wil and I post on our blog has changed over the last few years – definitely for the better – and it continues to get better (I think). Early on we talked more about our software – which makes sense for a company blog – but it’s pretty boring – especially now that web based software for businesses is mainstream. These days we enjoy telling stories about why we are here, what we believe in and who our customers are….and other random things like why we think our company is like a boat.

I realized some time ago that the company blogs (or any blog for that matter) that I enjoyed reading usually had nothing to do with a company’s product, it’s features or the technology behind it. I’m sure that stuff is interesting to many and certainly something you need to learn about if you’re actually shopping – but it just seems like everyone has great technology now and everyone is starting to look the same. Everyone has web based software, and mobile apps that store your data in the cloud and integrations and automation and super great fantastically simple elegant user interfaces that are easy for newcomers and loaded with tricks for power users…and on and on. All of it’s the same now – and there is only going to be more of the same.

So who is actually interesting? Who do I want to carve out precious time and money for? Who do I want to do business with? I’ll bet many people are thinking this when they are shopping for something new to help their business. Sure, they are definitely doing a quick check on the product to make sure it has what they need – but since so many other companies probably do too – I’ll bet they are really more interested in the story. I’ll bet sometimes they might even be looking for a company with similar beliefs as them – someone whose strategy they respect and someone they will get along with. I know I am…


p.s the photo above is Wil with a customer of ours in Brooklyn. I thought it went well with this post.