Why we don’t make you choose a plan…

When you sign up for our restaurant employee scheduling app, you don’t have to choose a plan. The price is based on the number of employees your restaurant has.

You make enough choices every day, in both your personal life and business life. Heck, you already had to decide which app you wanted to use for scheduling and communication in your restaurant. Isn’t that enough?

Yes! It is. And I can’t for the life of me understand why so many software companies force users to choose their “plan.” I recently signed up for Amazon Prime. It’s $79 per year. Period. I didn’t have to think through whether I might use the free shipping to order items, or the movie/TV streaming, or any of the other things that come with the service. I just paid the $79 and now I have access to lots of cool stuff. I won’t take advantage of all of the features Prime offers, or at least not at first. Over time I might. Who knows? I am just glad I didn’t have to decide now.

Keeping things simple for people and not forcing them to choose from lots of options makes their life a little easier. People like that. And they are happy to pay for it.