"How do you compare to XYZ scheduling software?"

People that are exploring online restaurant employee scheduling software options occasionally send us an email that reads something like this, “I’m looking for an employee scheduling software for our restaurant. How do you compare to your competitor “XYZ scheduling software”?

“XYZ” could be one of many of the companies that provide online employee scheduling software. Sometimes we are familiar with them, sometimes we’ve never heard of them. Either way, while we appreciate this question, we of course don’t make the comparison. Charles and Hank answer most of those, but when I do my response typically goes something like this…

“Thanks for checking out Schedulefly! I’m happy to tell you a little about our strengths…We have a very simple, intuitive app that doesn’t require training, we’re extremely easy to do business with, and we’re 100% focused on serving restaurants. We also have a cool Our Story page on our site that gives you a little more insight into what we’re all about. We’ve got a hassle-free, 30-day free trial, so feel free to give Schedulefly a whirl and see what you think. You’ll know quickly if we’re the right fit for you and your team! Take care, Wil”

Why bother making a comparison? Seems defensive to me. Plus I haven’t worked for any of those companies and I haven’t used their stuff, so I can’t make a fair, honest comparison. Lastly, I have nothing but respect for the other people in this business – like us they are working hard to provide a meaningful solution to a big problem (most restaurants that don’t use some sort of web-based solution think scheduling and communication are an absolute pain in the ass). I’m sure each has an opportunity to serve their niche well, so I wish them nothing but the best of luck and would never want to disparage any of them in any way.

The way we see it, the restaurants that are the right fit for Schedulefly will find their way to us, and the ones that are the right fit for competitors will find their way to them. Price buyers will find the cheapest solution. Chains will find the most complex solution. And so on.

We simply need to keep our heads down, be patient, and focus on doing the things we’re good at. After all, we’re not here to serve every restaurant under the sun. We’re here to serve the ones that love our software and love doing business with us. So if the people who email those questions are part of that group, they’ll know it soon enough.


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