A great quote about happiness and fear

Yesterday a friend and I were talking about how powerful of an emotion fear is and why it’s easy to let fear get into the way of doing the things you want to do and being the person you want to be. After a few exchanges, he sent me this text…

“Essentially modern life is set up so you work for things that won’t make you happy and constantly fear things that would not really make you unhappy.”

I was walking when I read that, and I immediately stopped in my tracks. I re-read it, and just nodded. It’s so true. So very, very true.

Think about it.

Has anything you bought ever made you truly and deeply happy (for more than a short period of time)? Or has anything you feared made you as profoundly unhappy as you thought it would (for more than a short period)?


Then why keep pursuing the former and worrying about the latter?