Is Schedulefly your full time job?

I often hear that people would love to have a business like ours and I personally hear “Man, you are living the dream”. And while I totally agree – I also think that most people, if given the opportunity to have the same thing would change it - quick. They would be bored. They would... Continue Reading →

The story of the Big Ugly Burger

Matt Frey, owner of Bub's Burgers & Ice Cream and Bub's Cafe tells the story of the Big Ugly Burger, which was created as a marketing draw, and turned into something much more valuable to his business...(Here's the video if you are reading this post in email)This wraps up Matt's videos. They are all excellent,... Continue Reading →

We’re going to try some email marketing

Tomorrow this email is going to go to a list of thousands of restaurant people who've self-identified as being owners or managers of independent restaurants. We'll send a similar email (same format, but with different quotes and images) the following two Wednesdays. It'll be the first email marketing we've done in about five years, and... Continue Reading →

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