Don’t waste your time if you’re not passionate about it (Raw vid)

In this raw video of Marilyn Schlossbach of Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park, NJ, she talks about why it’s important to follow your passion in the restaurant business. These comments were part of a conversation she and I had about what advice she’d give to aspiring restaurateurs, and I really like what she says in this clip.


Marilyn has been in the business for thirty years, so she speaks from experience and the collected wisdom she’s earned through trial and error, learning from her mistakes, and simply being engrossed in the restaurant business day in and day out for three decades. She’s a really sharp lady, and I had a hard time editing her interview down to three fully-produced videos (with b-roll and music), so I asked Luke to upload two raw videos as well. (I’ll post her other raw video, about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, next week).


P.s. We’re heading to Chicago next week to film Mike Schatzman from Union Sushi + Barbecue. Can’t wait!