It’s rare to never hear from them again

There are a ton of things that we don’t do at Schedulefly that many (if not most) companies do – probably enough to write an entire book about. And I should add that these things we chose not to do are done by very successful companies of all types – so clearly the strategies work – we just prefer not to do them.

This morning I got an email from a subscription software company that we used to be a customer of (about 4-5 years ago) offering us a discount on their services if we come back. It’s actually the 2nd email I’ve received from them this summer offering a discount if I sign up by a certain time. I don’t know why I’ve not unsubscribed from their emails since I am no longer a customer and they don’t email too often but I realized something today when thinking about that email….

Once in 2008 we did this and I don’t recall what the results were but I do recall feeling a little desperate and was not really excited about it. We never did it again and now when people move on – so do we. Based on how many restaurants have tried us in the last 6 years and how many are now paying customers – we have thousands and thousands of contacts we could go back and reach out to again dangling some carrot trying to coerce them into returning. Most people would think we are crazy not to – but to me it just doesn’t make sense and doesn’t feel right. They moved on for some good reason and that’s what they needed to do. They know what we do and know they are welcome to come back. So maybe the company that emailed me today is selling to a fully saturated market and they have no new business to go get – so they are trying to go back and bring back old business and that’s their only option. But I doubt it. They sell a software service to small businesses.

So when I realized today that we don’t email old customers or trial participants, I felt really good. Maybe just because it’s not normal and it’s pretty rare on the internet these days.