Thank you

A couple of times per year I like to turn to our blog to thank our customers, and mention a few things that our on my mind. This is one of those times.

Schedulefly was launched in May of 2007 on a server in Wes’s closet and with a couple of restaurants in Raleigh as the first customers. Tyler and Wes set out to figure out how to turn a simple solution to the annoying problem of restaurant employee scheduling into a successful, profitable business. Since then Schedulefly has grown to having over 3,400 customers and nearly 150,000 end users, and it’s because we’ve had the opportunity to serve people like you. People who own restaurants, manage restaurants, or work as servers or bussers or hostesses or cooks or bartenders or countless other positions.

We try to do three things really well here at Schedulefly to make your life easier. First, we try to keep our software simple and easy to use so that you can quickly do whatever you need to do and go on about your day. Second, we try to be really easy to do business with. That includes everything from providing great support in a friendly, natural way to keeping every aspect of our business simple (no contracts, no set up fees, no nickel-and-diming, no sales people, etc.) And third, we work on projects (like our Restaurant Owners Uncorked book and video series) that capture the advice, wisdom and lessons-learned from some of the successful independent restaurant owners we are so fortunate to serve. We hope these projects provide you with meaningful, useful, and educational content to help you in your career in the hospitality business.

Every day I wake up and pinch myself the second I think about Schedulefly. We have five guys on our team, and Wes, Tyler, Hank and Charles are all great people who I am so thrilled to work with. We all love this business. We are thankful to have the opportunity to serve so many awesome people at so many great restaurants. And we all look forward to serving more of your restaurant peers in the years to come, while always maintaining our focus on the three things I listed.

So, thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for your business. Thank you for helping our business grow with great word-of-mouth. Thank you for entrusting Schedulefly with your scheduling and communication. And thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this.

Wil (and all of our team here at Schedulefly!)

(Wes, Hank, Wil, Charles, Tyler)