Katsuya Fukushima on cooking with happiness (new video)

Katsuya Fukushima of Daikaya in Washington, D.C. shares his thoughts on cooking with happiness…

Here are his comments from the video…

“I always tell my cooks, ‘You have to be in a good place. You have to be happy and positive, because if you’re not it’s going to relay into the food. A happy cook makes happy food, and when people eat that food it’s just going to make them happy.’

A good example is that movie, ‘Like Water for Chocolate,’ where the girl is crying while she’s making this mole, and people started crying when they ate it because that’s the emotion she felt when she was cooking it. That’s a great example.

You have to have a positive approach to cooking and you have to love what you’re doing. It’s a hard business, but if you put that kind of energy into a plate, how can someone not appreciate what you’ve done when you eat it?”

Katsuya is an extremely talented chef who has laid back demeanor and who oozes humility. I’ve got tons of respect for that guy and I’m glad I had the opportunity to interview him.

Two more videos from Daikaya coming soon. Can’t wait to post them. These guys are really sharp owners and had lots of inspiring and educational things to share…


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