Our book is (still) a great gift

Last December I wrote this post suggesting our book would make a great gift. It still is. It was $12 for paperback last year and $5 for the Kindle version. Now it's $9.72 for paperback (still $5 for Kindle). $9.72 is a weird price. We actually still have it listed as $12, but Amazon likes... Continue Reading →

A stress-free restaurant

(Riverside Market & Cafe has 550 types of bottled beer. Choices, choices)I've already written about how much Luke and I loved filming at Riverside Market & Cafe in Fort Lauderdale. We're working on their videos now, and I thought it might be cool to offer a preview of some of the things owners Julian and... Continue Reading →


One of my favorite books I've read in the last 10 years is Different: Escaping the Competitive Heard. It's author, Youngme Moon, is a popular professor at Harvard Business School, but this book's premise is far from what you might expect from the b-school set. In fact, it's called "a book for people who don't... Continue Reading →

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