Our book is (still) a great gift

Last December I wrote this post suggesting our book would make a great gift. It still is.

It was $12 for paperback last year and $5 for the Kindle version. Now it’s $9.72 for paperback (still $5 for Kindle). $9.72 is a weird price. We actually still have it listed as $12, but Amazon likes to sell items at a discount, so they set the price at $9.72 and show it as a 19% discount. Hey, whatever works is cool for us.

Anyway, people seem to like the book. It doesn’t beat you over the head with things you “have to do to be successful.” And it doesn’t have a central point. It simply offers interviews we conducted with twenty independent restaurant owners. We asked them to tell us their story and let us know what lessons they’ve learned, things they think are important to do if you own a restaurant, mistakes they’ve made, advice they’d give an aspiring restaurateur, etc.

If you know somebody who dreams of owning a restaurant one day, he/she may enjoy Restaurant Owners Uncorked. It’s here.