Where billionaire business men and misguided skateboarders feel at home (new video)

Here’s the final vid from the world famous, unique, memorable Riverside Market & Cafe in Fort Lauderdale.

No joke, you really do see folks from all walks of life hanging out in this place, enjoying bottled beer on the honor system, relaxing, and talking with each other (there’s not a TV in the place and lots of communal seating, so you wind up meeting new people each time you sit down).

Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for watching,
The Schedulefly Crew

P.s. We are working on a new format for our videos, which will be heavier on story and less focused on advice. These films will be more like 6-8 minutes long and are our next step in the evolution of what we’re trying to do with film, which is to tell the incredible stories of some of the many, many amazing, creative, fun, interesting restaurant people we are so fortunate to serve.