The American dream captured in a moment

The Wolf family

Last week we were filming for our upcoming “people of indie restaurants” series, and Paul Hesselblad of Capital Club 16 in Raleigh, NC said this….

“Jake Wolf is one of the hardest working men I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s the owner, the chef, and he’s in here doing it harder than anybody I’ve ever seen. And he doesn’t get to spend much time with his family because this is his bread and butter. But one day I was standing at the host stand, and I looked at Jake and his wife, Shannon, and their son Johnny, and they were sitting at a table, having a meal. It was a Tuesday night, the sun was setting, and it shined on the words ‘Capital Club 16’ in the window, and I said to myself, That’s the American dream. It actually exists. That moment when I saw him sitting there having dinner with his family, in his own establishment, I thought, That’s doing it right. That’s doing it with heart. And I thought that this is something I want to do one day as well if I get the chance.”

I gotta tell ya, I got chills when Paul said that. It was a very raw, real, heartfelt story. If you didn’t feel your spine tingle a bit when you read his quote, I bet you will when you see him say it in our upcoming video.