"the people of indie restaurants" video series coming soon…

We are super-excited to announce our upcoming video series, “the people of indie restaurants.” It will feature not only owners, as with our Restaurant Owners Uncorked series, but also servers, cooks, managers, bartenders and other people that work for some of the thousands of incredible independent restaurants we serve.

The idea came after we put together our short indie tribute video. We realized we needed to do more than tell the stories of indie restaurant owners, but also tell the stories of the people that work for them. We thought it would be interesting to film people talking about why they work for independent restaurants, why they love serving, or cooking, or tending bar, or doing whatever they do, and what passions they have outside of work, what dreams they have beyond the restaurant business, or whether they dream of staying in the biz as far out as they can imagine.

We recorded our first interviews on Monday, and they were incredible! An owner and his wife who view their restaurant as an extension of their home; a manager/bartender who rides vintage motorcycles as a passion and dreams of owning his own restaurant one day; a server who plays the keyboard in several bands and sees parallels between the connection she builds with her audience while playing on a stage and the connection she builds with her customers when she’s serving; and a cook who also plays bass guitar and compares being creative and trying new things while cooking to being creative and trying new things while performing live on stage: “You know right away when you’ve messed up.”

We’re going to keep filming Restaurant Owners Uncorked because we love doing it and the videos have been very well received. But a few times this year, we’re going to put out vids for this new series, to point a spotlight on some of the millions of stars who shine across the indie restaurant world.

The Schedulefly Crew