Email is awesome

This morning, while most people were sleeping, we sent out more than 6200 emails to restaurant owners and managers. The email is a terribly handy list of everyone who is scheduled to work that day. It includes the schedule that they are on, their shift time and their cell number and email address – just in case. This email goes out every morning – to those who opt in to get it and the email arrives wherever the person checks email of course – their phone, their laptop, wherever. It’s not fancy with a bunch of graphics or sales pitchy with a bunch of other crap they don’t care to read about. It’s just a list of their employees that are working that day.

I was thinking today how crazy it is that Tyler gets up every morning at 3am and prepares them for sending. It’s a ton of copy and pasting and sending – but we think it’s worth it and our customers love it. The list grows every week and these days he is usually finished by round 10am.

Anyway, I’m totally kidding about Tyler, but I just thought today about how awesome email still is.


p.s I really do love email and I think it’s because these days I don’t send many emails at all – often I don’t send a single one – all day. And because of that – I don’t get many in return – which is nice. I used to work for companies where email was all anyone did. When there was nothing to do – you fired off a few emails to stir up some work. Maybe you checked on the status of something that you already knew about – or asked a question that was a waste of time to answer. But it worked, we stayed busy in our offices or on our phones – checking for new emails. This was me, back then…