Our new book

As of today our book, Restaurant Owners Uncorked, has sold 7,713 copies. Paperback = 4,678 copies and Kindle = 3,035 copies. Most people seem to like it. It has 28 reviews on Amazon. Nineteen of those reviews are 5-stars, nine of them are 4-stars.

We’re pretty excited that the book keeps selling lots of copies three years after we published it, though I can’t say we are too surprised because it contains mostly timeless wisdom and advice from successful restaurant owners from all over the U.S. The success of the book gave us the idea for the Restaurant Owners Uncorked video series, which includes over 50 videos that have been viewed around 35,000 times. And that video series has lead us back to another book!

Late this summer we plan to publish a second book very similar to the first, featuring owners we’ve filmed that were not interviewed for the first book. I’ll provide an occasional update as we put it together, but while the first book featured twenty owners and is over 300 pages long, this one will feature around a dozen owners and be about 100 pages. A quick, crisp read with short chapters and meaningful advice and wisdom. And a great read if you are interested in learning from owners who’ve succeeded in the tough restaurant business.

Thanks for reading,
The Schedulefly Crew
(Wes, Hank, Wil, Charles, Tyler)