People don’t admire technology

I read that Facebook will be launching a video sharing tool to compete with Snapchat – the company that turned down their 3 billion-ish dollar offer. With all the talent on the Facebook team and with their resources and awareness – you’d think they could crush every single business that they decided to compete with.... Continue Reading →

The magic is in the preparation (new video)

Willy Taco in Spartanburg, S.C. serves some seriously fresh, high quality food, and owner Kenneth Cribb says the magic is in the preparation. I personally ate 10 of their tacos while we were there and they so damn good my mouth is watering just typing this and remembering the experience! - Wil

Upcoming videos from Busy Bee Cafe and Trophy Brewing

We recently filmed interviews with Chris Powers (left) and Woody Lockwood, who co-own Busy Bee Cafe and Trophy Brewing. Both places are extremely popular, with great food, great beer, great service, and great vibes. We talked about using local organic ingredients, the importance of being present in their restaurants, changing their beers and menus every... Continue Reading →

Give ’em a reason to come (new video)

Chester Kroeger of Fudpucker's in Destin, FL talks about about the constant evolution that's necessary in the restaurant business, and why he and his team try to come up with creative ways to draw people into their establishment... By the way, that shadowy figure in the still image for this video is me. My acting... Continue Reading →

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