Meet the stars of our upcoming videos filmed at Ashley Christensen Restaurants

Meet Jeramy(bartender), Ashley(GM), and Andrew(pastry chef). They work for Ashley Christensen Restaurants in Raleigh, N.C. and they will be featured across two upcoming videos we are making. In “the people of indie restaurants: Ashley Christensen Restaurants” we’ll introduce you to Jeramy, a bartender who is also a singer/songwriter and an actor, and Ashley, a recently-promoted GM who loves growing within their restaurant group and dreams of owning her own restaurant one day. In “the pastry chef,” we’ll shine the spotlight on Andrew, who oozes passion for what he does and takes great pride in helping guests recall memories from their past with the deserts he and his team create.

It was clear on our visit that Ashley Christensen has built a team of people who treat each other like family, love what they do, and are excited about creating amazing experiences for the customers who dine in their restaurants. We can’t wait to share some of what we saw and heard on film!

The Schedulefly Crew
Wes, Tyler, Wil, Charles and Hank