The perfect customer

A few weeks ago I was driving through downtown Raleigh and passed our first customer – a restaurant that still uses Schedulefly almost 8 years later. That’s a long time to be a subscription customer! Heck – that’s a long time to be a customer of any company or product. I am so grateful for their loyalty, continued business and everything they’ve done for us since they became a customer. We’ve grown so much in Raleigh since then – thanks to them and each customer after them.

I felt so proud as I drove around downtown that day because I passed dozens of customers – all of them PERFECT customers too. Just PERFECT! You see when I first started writing the code for Schedulefly – I had a perfect customer in mind…..and now many of them are using Schedulefly. The ones where people want to work. The ones with management that employees and customers love and admire. The ones that get great reviews and great press for being unique and for being awesome day after day. The ones that are admired by other restaurants and are influential in our industry. Basically – it’s the ones run by sharp people who know how to create a brand that people love and a business that lasts.

The coolest part about having these perfect places using our software is that we did not sell it to them. They chose us – from a growing list of options. We did not call them or email them or place ads where we thought they might see them. They found out about us from word of mouth – 100% of them. They heard good things – or looked at our website and thought – these guys look like people we’d like to do business with. Let’s try it.

Had we gone another path with our business over the years (of which there are many) – we could easily have many more customers than we do now. Had we decided to that we were here for any business that needs scheduling software – or that we are here for all restaurants of any shape, size and style – we would likely have more revenue and more awareness and a bigger business. But I know, in trade for all that added business, we would have less of many things that make this business so great and one of the most important things we’d have less of would be…the perfect customer.

Keep focused, stay on point, ignore everyone who doesn’t matter and just be enjoyable to do business with!