Memories of a trade show

I came across an old photo of Wil this am. He was in was our trade show booth 5 years ago at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. It was our first and last time exhibiting (and attending) at that show - or any trade show. I texted him the photo and we started... Continue Reading →

The fastest growing companies

I wonder how many companies, that don’t have investors, are on the “Fastest Growing Companies” lists. Pick your favorite list, pick your favorite number. Forbes 100, Deloitte 500, Inc 5000 etc. I rarely read the entirety of those articles, but I’m guessing many, if not all, of the companies on them have outside investors. As... Continue Reading →

Don’t aim at success

Recently I finished "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl. Frankl was a psychiatrist who survived four Nazi death camps, and founded a school of psychiatry called "logo therapy." The Greek word "logos" translates to "meaning," and logo therapy is all about finding meaning in your life. One of the most famous quotes from this... Continue Reading →

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