"Stand for something"

Seth Gross has been in the restaurant business for 27 years. He currently owns Bull City Burgers & Brewery as well as Pompieri Pizza, both in Durham, NC. One thing that's clear when you speak to Seth: he believes in standing for something. For instance, he only uses grass-fed beef for his burgers, and has... Continue Reading →

Making an impact

Occasionally we receive an email from someone that likes what we are doing and likes the future of the industry we are serving and wants to invest in our company. In 8 years, we’ve never considered it because we simply don’t need it. Even if we did take the cash, we would really have no... Continue Reading →

"Hubris will lead to failure"

Sean Degnan co-owns the very popular restaurant bu•ku in Raleigh, N.C. Five years into it, Sean and his team are still paying close attention to their customers and flexibly making changes as they go. We discussed a wide variety of topics from finding the right business partner to finding the right landlord, but what really... Continue Reading →

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