Caring about who you serve

Seems like every week I get at least one email from someone trying to sell us something that Schedulefly would use – software usually. In most cases – it’s a sales pitch that sounds as if it were sent to 10,000 other businesses too – they just inserted my name at the beginning. I ignore every single one of them. Do they even care what kind of business we are or what we do? Does that matter for any reason at all? Am I weird for thinking that matters?

Today I was thinking about our business and our focus and the benefits of actually caring about who you serve. We don’t send emails to anyone at all – but if we did – I’d want us to send a warm personal email that clearly showed that we had done a minute or two of research on that restaurant and had a real reason for wanting to do business with them. I mean – for us – not all restaurants are right. Seems an email blast – even if filtered down to independent restaurants would still be a crapshoot right? But that’s me and based on the reaction I get to our sales and marketing approach in general – I am a fool.

If you are somehow fortunate enough to be able to figure out who is perfect for your business and then single out those kinds of businesses – there are so many great things that happen. Your product and your marketing and your message can stay very simple and clear and confident. You can speak to the right kinds of customers in a smarter way – since you understand what they are up against and how they run their business. You’ll also find that you, personally, will be so much confident when pitching or talking about your company. Basically – the right and wrong kinds of customers are really easy to see and to describe….and you’ll waste zero time on the wrong ones.

It’s that way for us. I can describe our perfect customer and the kinds of people who work there. I’m not saying that all of our customers are the same – but even the ones that seem very different – share some very similar qualities. And we know what they are.

With our focus – it’s almost as if we are creating our own little sub culture of customers (and prospects) who think the same way, treat people the same way, hire the same way and operate the same way. Because of that – our pitch and message to them is so much more genuine.