Month: May 2016

The day we ended all of our partnerships

One afternoon in 2009 I placed three phone calls. Each call was to a partner of Schedulefly. I cancelled all three partnerships within a few minutes. It felt great. Early days, we weren’t sure what would work to help us get more customers. We decided to try a few partnerships. One partner was a guy […]

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How 1 becomes 260

Last week a customer called and asked me if we would add a check box for something he would like to have included in our software. He said, “I know you are trying to keep Schedulefly simple, but this is just one checkbox.” I told him we’d love to, but we needed to pass because […]

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It’s not terribly sexy, but it’s one of a kind

3 years ago (this month) I wrote this post about the 5 of us here at Schedulefly reaching 3,000 customers. At that time I was writing about it because of how unusual it was to have grown to that point and with that many customers and have just 5 people in the company…who were not […]

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