"Have an intentional life"

Angela Salamanca owns Centro in Raleigh, N.C. During her interview for our podcast, this exchange stuck out to me…

What is it you hope that people who area a part of the Centro team take with them?

To not be afraid. To take what’s there and run with it. To honor your talents. To learn how to work as a team and realize that there’s really a lot of power in letting other people be part of your dream, or be part of this journey. How to be intentional every day when it comes to the shift, when it comes to your relationships, when it comes to everything. Just how to be intentional about who you are in the world, or who you are through your team, or who you are for your family. Because it makes a difference. Everything that you do and everything that you say to anybody in the world makes a difference. Sometimes that difference can really change their lives. It could be something little or it could be something huge. Make sure that the difference that you’re making is a real difference, where you can move somebody into action so they can do whatever it is that they want to do like moving to another country or pursuing a different career or really taking on the possibility of recreating family and relationships. Have an intentional life. I feel like that’s what’s made the biggest difference in the way that we work.

Angela is a very passionate woman who inspired me when I interviewed her and who lives the life of intention she hopes her team members will. You can listen to the entire interview here on iTunes.