New book coming soon!

We’ve been hard at work on the next Restaurant Owners Uncorked book. The first one, available here on Amazon, came out five years ago next month. It has sold around 15,000 copies and has received great reviews. If you’d be interested in knowing the stories of 20 successful independent restaurant owners, you’ll enjoy it. All of the owners were very honest with both their successes and their failures.

The second book features 21 owners, many of whom read the first one and told us they enjoyed it, so we asked them to be in this one! We’ve been collecting their pictures lately, and I wanted to share a few of them. All of them have inspiring stories and offer extremely useful wisdom they’ve picked up along the way in their journeys in the restaurant business.

Lisa and Julian Siegel, Riverside Market & Cafe
Rayme Rossello, Comida
Van Nolintha (right), Bida Manda
Jess Killeen, Grassburger
We hope to have the book ready for sale on Amazon by March. In the mean time, stay tuned here as we’ll be sharing some of the great stories we heard from these awesome folks!
The Schedulefly Crew
Wes, Tyler, Wil, Charles and Hank