New mobile site – get it on the internet!

Today we launched a new Schedulefly mobile site. It’s really sweet and it works on any device of any size. Rather than write complicated apps for specific devices, we are putting our effort into one simple, well designed site for everyone. It keeps things much simpler for us all around. And honestly – downloading and installing software on your phone (and updating it each time we change it) just so you can manage your schedule and communicate with your team using Schedulefly – is a bit overkill on the technology side.

It works just the same as our old one, it’s just been redesigned to look better on all devices. We also snuck in a few new things like profile photo uploads, documents, and a few of our most used reports.

If your not using our mobile site yet and would like to check it out – just open your phone’s browser and visit Log in just once and save it as an icon to your home screen along side all those other Apps (there is help on how to do that on the login page). Now your just one touch away from your schedule and all the other goodies avaialable at Schedulefly.

One more thing I wanted to mention today. It’s really important to us that we don’t make your life more difficult – when trying to make it better. We want you to be able to get in and get out really fast – with the least amount of friction possible. We are not looking to keep you on our site all the time and we certainly don’t want you to be handed a ticket number for a customer support or technical issue. If we had more technology and more people and more stuff – I’d bet you eventually would. Technology is certainly making our lives better in general – but it can also be super frustrating when it tries to do too much. The lack of technology is sometimes what keep things pleasant, useful and reliable. It’s a tough balance to achieve but we definitely lean towards doing less.

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