New podcast episodes…

We’ve been cranking out podcast episodes with interesting, successful, honest, authentic, independent restaurant owners for the last two years. We’ve produced nearly fifty episodes, six of them since the start of 2017 and many more on the way.

You can download a free podcast player app and listen to every episode for free. The podcast is here on iTunes, or you can search Restaurant Owners Uncorked within your podcast player app. We are very lucky that so many incredible people take time out of their busy schedules to share their stories of getting into the restaurant business, what they love about it, lessons they’ve learned, successes, failures, what they think the future holds, etc.

The interviews are casual and my focus is to ask the same questions I’d naturally ask an owner if I were sitting with him or her at a bar, chatting about the restaurant business and their story over a beer. I try to stay out of the way as much as possible, though in the last two episodes I’ve made a fairly aggressive case as to why it’s so wise for young people to consider finding a good local restaurant operator and raising their hand to take any job they have open. I’ll let you listen to hear my case, but more importantly, to hear what these generous owners had to say when they shared their time with me. Enjoy…


p.s. Twenty-one of the interviews were edited and will appear in our upcoming book, Restaurant Owners Uncorked part II, which will be on Amazon by the end of the month. (The first Restaurant Owners Uncorked is available here).

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