ROU Revisited – Dave Query

We started our Restaurant Owners Uncorked video series five years ago. We've interviewed a bunch of successful, awesome owners and made some inspiring videos full of timeless wisdom. Every now and then I go back and re-watch some of them, and I never fail to nod along with what these folks are saying and thinking... Continue Reading →

We’re so proud to serve all of you

Wes and I talk so often about how proud we are to serve the kinds of restaurants we serve, so I decided to just write a post letting you know that. No need to wait until the holidays. June works just fine.You decided at some point that scheduling and communication in your restaurant was a... Continue Reading →

How to get (and keep) a restaurant job

“Wil, I’m desperate to find people willing to work hard.”"Labor is at Defcon 4 right now. I can't find anybody who is willing to work hard." "These days nobody wants to earn their stripes."These are the things restaurant owners have been telling me lately. I've offered just a few quotes, but I’ve heard the same... Continue Reading →

People often laugh when I thank them

Most days, I answer our phone calls. Most of the time those calls are from customers who either need to update their credit card or have a quick question about our software or about adding a new restaurant location they plan to open to their account with us. Every time I’ve finished handling whatever the... Continue Reading →

We run a basic business. Some might call it boring.

When you read about startups and fast growth software businesses, you always read about cool, young, hip groups of people with open-space offices that have exposed HVAC ducts and ping pong tables and bocci ball and on-site yoga instructors and tattoo artists and in-house cafes with organic pasture raised free range free lunches and programmers... Continue Reading →

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