We’re so proud to serve all of you

Wes and I talk so often about how proud we are to serve the kinds of restaurants we serve, so I decided to just write a post letting you know that. No need to wait until the holidays. June works just fine.

You decided at some point that scheduling and communication in your restaurant was a problem, and you tried Schedulefly to see if it made the problem go away. It did, so you became a customer. 99% of you renew every month because what we offer works well for you and your team. You clearly like straightforward, reliable software that does it’s job and gets out of your way, and friendly, fast, authentic support when you need it. We’ve never changed our philosophy on what our product should (and shouldn’t) do, or on how we should treat the people who’ve paid their hard-earned money to use it. And we never will change.

Thank you, sincerely, from all five of us to the nearly 7,000 of you and your 250,000+ staff members. Y’all are awesome, and we are super-stoked and proud to be a small part of what makes your business great!
Clockwise from left – Wes, Hank, Wil, Charles and Tyler