Happy 2018

What’s up y’all? Just a quick note to thank all of you who rely on Schedulefly for your restaurant’s staff scheduling and communication. There are about 279,000 of you at almost 7,000 restaurants, and we couldn’t be more proud than to serve you. Independent restaurant people have always inspired us, and it’s so exciting every single time a restaurant signs up for a free trial or becomes a paying customer. We take the responsibility of making sure our software is always straightforward, fast, crisp, smooth, reliable and clear very seriously, and the same goes for making sure we are super easy to do business with and take GREAT care of you any time you need anything. You’re awesome, you deserve these things, and you can rely on us to provide them every day, every week, every month, every year. Ten years into this, Wes, Tyler, Hank, Charles and I still run the business like it’s start up, with the same level of passion and enthusiasm and excitement and love for what we do that we’ve always had. I’m confident that will be the same ten years from now as well.