Sam was a good girl

Most marketing and advertising is very ordinary and predictable. In many cases – the product or service is really unique but the marketing is not. Why is that? Used up all their creativity on the product? Laziness? Reluctant to do things that are not measurable? Who knows, but I think maybe competition is to blame for much of it. It seems the harder a company competes, the more tired and ordinary their marketing becomes. Fear of competition can make companies do some silly stuff. Man, I say forget everyone else and all that stuff anyone can (and will) do and let’s go do things that we are proud of and that people will one day associate positively with our brand. Things that are memorable. Who cares if we don’t really know if it’s helping us grow.

Yeti does this. Yeah I know they are big and corporate now and definitely do a lot of ordinary things to try and get a quick sale – but someone there is still smart enough to do things that really connect with their ideal customer in a way others don’t. They make films that tell inspiring stories about typical customers doing what they do. Fun stories that connect with their ideal future customer on a very emotional level. Stories that have nothing to do with their products. Stories people share and blog about! Are these videos part of the reason they’ve been able to turn a plastic cooler into a status symbol for an outdoorsman? I doubt they know (or care), but I bet they keep making them. I think it’s a sign that the suits in the boardroom have not drained the fun and passion completely out of the company just yet.

Here’s a great film they released last fall. It’s a beautifully made film about a duck hunting dog named Sam (and her owners). If your a dog person, grab a tissue. It’s a tough one to finish.