10 things we’ve not done in years at Schedulefly

This is a list of things we did not do that I posted at the end of 2015. I stumbled across this list recently and realized all 10 were also true at the end of 2016 and 2017. And all signs point to it being true at the end of 2018. I am re-posting it because we are all so proud of what we’ve done with just 5 people. And we’ve been 5 since 2012….so we have not hired anyone in almost 6 years. That is what I personally am most proud of. So the example we are setting is not on how to create a business that creates jobs, but rather how to create a business that can’t afford to ever become complicated – ultimately resulting in one that is a pleasure to own and to do business with. And it’s a business that will never become something we wish were different.

So anyway, here’s the list again of 10 things we don’t do – originally posted in 2015 and still true.

1. We did not have any meetings – not once was our team of 5 people in the same city in 2015, 16, or 17 and so far in 18. There wasn’t a reason to meet. * I did see Wil in person this year – first time in 6 years. We met for a workout for 45 minutes.
2. We did not hire anyone – we started the year with 5 people and are still 5. Hiring and growth don’t always have to be linear. Especially with software as a service companies.
3. We did not open any offices – we all still work at home. It’s actually wildly productive and amazingly inexpensive.
4. We did not partner with any other companies – it’s still just us. Like my Mom use to tell me as a kid, just worry about yourself. Here’s a great post from Wil 6 years ago on this topic.
5. We did not add any features to Schedulefly – the problem we solve hasn’t changed.
6. We did not spend much money – outside of investing into our hardware and software.
7. We did not attend any trade shows or conferences or networking events – we just don’t enjoy them.
8. We did not post a single social media post about our company – we don’t have any social media accounts. It’s not necessary for us.
9. We did not have a company trip or company holiday party – we texted happy holidays to each other.
10. We did not send a single email blast to customers or to prospects – if you think about 1-9 above – there was really nothing to say to people we already know and telling people we don’t know (about ourselves) is not something we find attractive.

I realize we have a unique business and a team that is ok with the above – and yes – had we done the above we would have probably grown a little bit more. But the complication and work that would have resulted from doing them would have made this business less fun for us and for our customers.